The 19th Annual Banjo Special

The Tranzac, Brunswick Ave, Toronto, ON

The Banjo Special. A presentation of the banjo in all its’ glory.

The Banjo Special, once again and for the 19th year, brings together 4 of Canada’s top players to celebrate this wonderful instrument. Come and join Chris Coole, Arnie Naiman, Brian Taheny, and Chris Quinn, and our special guests, as we present an evening of songs and tunes with banjos at the heart of it all. There will be; breakdowns and marches, picks and bare fingers, songs new and old, tubaphones and flatheads, Vegas and Gibsons. And, it will all be handled with flair, fun, and big style.

Join us as we and our special guests bring fiddles, guitars, ukuleles, mandolins, basses and voices to rally ‘round the banjo; raising it up for all to hear.